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  • How do I place an order?
    You can place an order through this website, over email or phone, or at our Cold Spring location during business hours. Or if you’re not quite ready to order, get in touch with any questions you might have. Fill out our contact form, email or give us a call!
  • How do I get my files to you?
    You can email files to us at (usually the maximum is 25mb). When using google docs, share with
  • What type of files?
    For the best quality printed product, we recommend sending us a High Quality Print PDF. We prefer PDFs with embedded or outlined fonts, as this is the best way to have printed what you see on your screen. Remember to flatten your files and save with no compression before uploading. You may also send the following file types: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, eps, and png. We DO NOT accept Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Word or PowerPoint files. Please export those files to a PDF.
  • What color mode should my files be?
    When possible, you should always start and end your file creation in CMYK mode. We work in the GRACoL2013 CMYK or sRGB IEC61966 RGB color profile. If you send us an RGB file, there is a chance that a color shift may occur and you may not be satisfied with your job.
  • What resolution should my file be?
    We need 300 dpi resolution for printing. Low resolution files may be printed as is or will be placed on hold until we receive new files, slowing your turn-around.
  • What is a bleed?
    Bleeds allow you to run artwork to the edge of a page. This means that the artwork must extend past where the trim line falls. We need at least a 1/8 of an inch bleed all the way around so we can cut off the extra margin, leaving a nice clean edge with no paper showing.
  • How should I set up my bleed?
    Bleeds must extend at least 1/8” all the way around the art. Please keep all text at least 1/4” away from the edge. We have templates available to download.
  • What is a proof?
    We offer two ways to check out your job before it goes into production. Viewing a proof allows you to check for formatting, margin spacing, spelling errors, font selections and color. A printed proof is a physical sample of the job submitted. We recommend that you come in to see a printed proof if matching color is important. Colors look very different between screens, and then again can vary between screen and paper. This will give you the chance to make any adjustments to the artwork before going to print. A digital proof is emailed to you and shows how the final job will look. You cannot count on a digital proof for accurate color, brightness or contrast.
  • Why do my gradients print with banding?
    Many things can cause banding. Banding can be caused by the program that it is exported from, such as Indesign or Corel. Also, too many gradient steps, for example going from a very light color to a dark color, in a small area will cause banding. To prevent this, check your digital files before sending. If you use a gradient, make sure it has enough room for a smooth transition.
  • Do you have templates to help me design?
    Yes! You can download them here. These templates will help you identify where the cut line, bleed line, and safety lines are located along with other information so you can design your art correctly. Remember, do not move or change any part of the template when using them.
  • Do you print on recycled papers?
    We carry recycled papers, including our standard matte cardstock and Desert Storm light brown kraft paper.
  • Do you have Rush Services?
    Our regular production turn-around time is 1-3 business days. If you need something sooner than the quoted turn-around, we might be able to get the work done in time for a rush fee. Just ask!
  • Can you print custom sizes?
    We can print most custom size business cards, postcards and posters.
  • Do you ship?
    We ship through UPS. Let us know if you would like the job shipped and a cost will be provided when the work is complete.
  • Do you take passport photos or process film?
    No, we do not.
  • Do you accept UPS or FedEx packages?
    Sorry, We DO NOT accept UPS or FedEx packages.
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